Ubitech Ltd

UbiTech vision is to develop IP-based user-centric and personalised ubiquitous services based on our UBiNET platform. Our innovative technology provides self-organised wireless device communication protocols that have the ability of cognition and adaptation. Thus, the ubiquitous services are intelligent, autonomous and adaptive to ambient conditions in order to provide users with highest quality communication. That’s what makes our UBiNET platfom unique and regarded as a cornerstone of future wireless communications.

UbiTech Ltd (UT) plans to actively contribute to the RESCUE project by enhancing its UBiNET software platform, which supports secure adaptive routing and P2P services in ubiquitous networks. We will further develop the platform by enhancing the adaptive routing protocol for lossy media and add cross-layer functionality. Then, we will extend our security-related add-on modules as well as peer-to-peer services and application modules for providing the innovative RIS platform for intelligent transportation solutions.We thus aim to provide improvement towards the flexibility and economic as well as energy efficiency of access/transport infrastructures. Therefore, UT will focus its efforts towards fulfilling allocated tasks in WP3 for Message Transfer and WP4 for Validation, Integration and Final trials. Beyond this UT will contribute to the overall dissemination and standardisation of the project's ideas via its standards and commercial links.

Dr Arvind Ramrekha is the CTO of UbiTech and also wears the hat of software architect at the company. Prior to UbiTech, Arvind spent over 4 years as technical lead researcher at Kingston University (KU) within EU and UK research and security projects. Arvind has over 8 years of experience in the field of wireless communication and security solutions. He has managed the UK government funded secure UBINET alpha prototype software development project for a ubiquitous mobile software platform using C++, Java (Android) and Objective-C (iOS) where a UK and international patent is pending. Arvind has previously gained extensive experience working for a variety of companies including Oracle E-Business Suite ERP developments at SPOON Consulting Ltd (Mauritius), Verizon Wireless (India), Orange (Mauritius) and Air Mauritius. Arvind holds a first class bachelor‘s degree and a Master‘s degree with distinction and holds a PhD from KU. He is actively involved with activities at the IETF.



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