Conference Papers

1) Outage Based Power Allocation for a Lossy Forwarding Two-Relaying System

2) Symbol-Level Selective Decode-Forward Relaying for Uncoordinated Dense Wireless Networks

3) Lossy Forwarding Technique for Parallel Multihop Multirelay Systems”, A. Irawan, K. Anwar, and T. Matsumoto

Journal Papers

1 ) Reduced-Complexity Coordinated Beamforming for Multicell Downlink Max–Min SINR Problem

2 ) GFDM in a Gabor Transform Setting

3 ) Exact and Approximated Outage Probability Analyses for Decode-and-Forward Relaying System Allowing Intra-link Errors

4 ) BICM-ID-Based IDMA: Convergence and Rate Region Analyses

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