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The Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) is a research centre at University of Surrey, UK. With more than 160 actively researching members, CCSR is the largest academic communications research centre in Europe with extensive activities with academia and industry in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. The Centre is unique with expertise in both satellite and terrestrial communication systems. The centre is currently leading the expert group of the IST Net!Works Technology Platform, and is a core member of UK MVCE (Virtual Centre of Excellence on Mobile and Personal Communications), WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum), EU Technology Platforms Net!Works, NEM and ISI, a board member of UK FISG (Future Internet Strategy Group), ETSI and IEEE P1900. The centre has recently received £35 million funding from the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund and industrial partners to develop a specialised 5G Innovation Centre to carry out future wireless commnications research, development, innovation and the provision of broadband mobile internet services.

CCSR research is focused on wireless communications which incorporates both terrestrial and satellite systems. The research covers: Air-interface, Radio Access System Optimisation, Cognitive Radio, Security, Cognitive Networks and Future Internet, Semantic Web & Services and Platforms, etc. The Centre is well equipped with testbeds, labs and other facilities which enable researchers at CCSR to validate theory or to carry out experimental research.  The Centre has also been extensively involved in the definition and execution of FP4, 5, 6 and 7 projects in the ICT domain, as well as providing excellent research results, the Centre has the expertise in the technical lead of smaller to large scale integrated projects. Examples of such projects are “Delivery Efficiency”, “Flexible Networks” in Mobile VCE, the IST FP6 e-SENSEI, and UNITE projects and in FP7 the ICT EXALTED, SENSEI, IoT-A, IoT-I, SmartSantander, WHERE, WHERE2, One-FIT,  SMART-Net, C2POWER, BEFEMTO, QoSMos, MONET, COMET, EARTH, UniverSelf, ACROPOLIS, DUPLO, IJOIN projects.

Prof. Rahim Tafazolli is the Director of CCSR and the Director of 5G Innovation Centre at University of Surrey. He has published more than 500 research papers in refereed journals, international conferences and as invited speaker. He currently has more than 15 patents in the field of mobile communications. He is the editor of two books on “Technologies for Wireless Future”. Prof. Tafazolli is a consultant to many mobile companies, has lectured, chaired and being invited as keynote speaker to a number of IET and IEEE workshops and conferences. He is currently chairman of EU Net!Works Technology Platform Expert Group, board member of the UK Future Internet Strategy Group (UK-FISG) and coordinator of the IoT-i coordination action project. He is a Fellow of IET and WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum). Prof. Tafazolli brings his international standing in the communications technology academic and industrial community and his expert technical knowledge of the field to the project.

Dr. Yi Ma is currently a Lecturer in CCSR. He is leading a research team within the CCSR to conduct the basic-level communication systems research covering signal processing and applied information theory for wireless communications. He is the Chair of Air-Interface Club within the CCSR. He has been involved in various EU and UK national projects including the FP6 4MORE, WINNER2, FP7 WHERE, EXALTED projects, and the UK Mobile VCE in Efficiency programme. He has authored and co-authored more than 80 peer reviewed IEEE journal and conference papers in the areas of cooperative communications, cognitive radios, interference utilization, cooperative localization, radio resource allocation, MIMO, estimation, synchronization, modulation and detection techniques. He is a senior member of IEEE.

Dr. Pei Xiao received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, in 2004. Prior to this, he held positions at Nokia Networks in Finland. He joined CCSR, University of Surrey as a lecturer since January 2011. He has published over 100 papers, and has been involved in various EU and UK projects, including EU F7 DUPLO project. His research interests and expertise span a wide range of areas in communications theory and signal processing for wireless communications. He is currently the technical manager of 5G Innovation Centre, coordinating the 5G research activities conducted at the University of Surrey.  He is a senior member of IEEE.


Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR)



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