FQS Poland is a wholly owned subsidiary of its founding shareholder, Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited, a leading system engineering company in Japan. FQS Poland was established to serve as an FJQS European center for research and development of scientific software. It is our intention to provide premier products and services consistent with the existing Fujitsu portfolio for the worldwide market and facilitate transfer of European technologies to Japan and vice versa.

FQS Poland focuses on research and development of new software products in the fields of:
• Chemistry, Materials and Life Sciences
• Business Intelligence and Data Mining
• Hardware and software solutions based of hardware portfolio of Fujitsu and its partners including: network devices, storage and server solutions, commercial Mesh WiFi solutions.

We keep a close cooperation with number of universities in EU (and outside) actively participating in number of research projects from different areas.

FQS has a long experience in industrialization of research projects’ results.
Our staff is combined from unique team of software engineers supported by domain experts from different markets.
FQS has a few years’ experience in designing, development and evaluation of software solutions based on unique WiFi technologies utilizing Mesh concept. Research in the area of WiFi routers and networks was done in close cooperation of Japanese universities and companies.
FQS has also an experience in low-level development of network device drivers for Fujitsu’s proprietary HPC servers including specialized communication protocols and their optimization.
As a part of Fujitsu Group we provide IT services for network, storage and server technologies from Fujitsu portfolio (and its partners). Scope of our services and expertise includes: software design and prototyping, software development services, software localization & certification services, software evaluation and testing.
FQS’s software development skills would address WP2 and WP3 needs to implement software to simulate and evaluate results of the project.
Sebastian Gurgul is a leader of software development team in FQS. He managed number of IT projects done by international team of engineers. He was directly involved in projects dealing with network drivers and communication protocols of Fujitsu’s proprietary technology for HPC `processing.
He is also a member of a team working on Mesh WiFi networks in FQS in collaboration with Japanese partners.
Radosław Półchłopek is a senior IT engineer with multiple years of experience in setting up, tuning and optimization of computer networks. His expertise covers both hardware and software layers of network technologies with a wide know-how about problem solving in real deployments environments.
Łukasz Juszczyk is a senior software engineer in FQS who has a leading role in evaluation and implementation of Mesh WiFi solutions in the company. His expertise covers also mobile platforms and their applications in Mesh networks.

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