Validation, integration, and field trials

Measurement based validation, integration into hardware test bed (SDR) devices, validation within OTA testing facility and final real field trials: The objectives of this WP are first the provision of reliable channel data sets to the WP 2 and 3 by means of channel sounding and modeling. Second, different modules of the entire RESCUE architecture will be validated based on a SDR test bed platform. The test bed consists of several (six to ten) SDR devices and will be integrated within WP4 in order to test RESCUE solutions over a reduced public safety and V2V scenarios, whereby the implementation work of the different modules will be done in WP 2 and 3. The validation based on the SDR test bed is composed on two parts: i) an extensive validation procedure will be applied based on the OTA testing facility, by creating a virtual electromagnetic environment within an anechoic chamber controllable and reproducible. This can assure test conditions with no limitations on frequency licenses or weather conditions. Furthermore this validation method is cost efficient compared to the final field trial. ii)The second SDR based validation (final field trials) will be performed only in one selected RESCUE use cases.

[WP4: Validation, integration and final trials] The objectives of this WP are the provision of reliable channel data sets to the other WPs by means of channel sounding and modelling as well as the validation of the architecture defined and specified within the project by means of a test bed that integrates the modules produced by the WP’s. Part of the validation will be conducted over SDR devices in the OTA facility, while a final trials will take place in real fields experiments

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